Catering Pods, Food & Catering Kiosks

Abraxas are proud to be a company with 25 years of experience in the catering equipment industry. Specialising in design, service and installation of cutting-edge cooking equipment, refrigeration and extraction equipment for commercial kitchens.

Based in the Midlands, we can offer a complete turnkey package managing your project from design and supply to installation and commissioning. We also offer service plans to continue to ensure that your food service equipment is kept in excellent working order.


We are the UK’s most affordable supplier of Catering PODs. Find a cheaper quote and we’ll beat it. 


25+ years of experience

With 25+ years of experience, our own dedicated team of experts specialises in the installation of catering pods. 

Custom Design

Our design team can turn the customer’s vision into a reality, answering any questions along the way. 

Abraxas Outdoor Catering Pods & Kiosks

A catering pod is a stand-alone catering facility which is fully self-contained and requires only a water and mains power feed. An ideal solution for any catering operation where extra service space or storage is needed, the catering pod can prevent overcrowding in a dining area or for an evening, weekend, or other event where the catering facilities within the main building might be restricted. 

Proving extremely popular with schools and colleges, our catering pods for sale promote an outdoor, healthy lifestyle – especially when paired with fixed canopies. With a range of standard pod sizes available, they can be customised to your unique requirements and additional pods can be connected to create greater usage or storage options. 

Abraxas requires only a solid base and electricity supply, and we take care of the whole project from installing lighting, electrics, and ventilation to fitting it out with your desired catering equipment. From under counter storage and shelving to hot or cold display merchandisers, prep sinks and ovens or grills, we can fit it out to your specification. The outdoor kitchen pod is fully lockable at the hatch and side door keeping it secure when not in use. Although the pod is a permanent solution, they are also designed flexibly to be repositioned if needed. 

Read more about why you should invest in a catering pod here.


 A 3D look at our Food & Catering Kiosks


Food & catering kiosks for sale that are built to last

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The catering pod is designed with the British weather in mind. With sturdy, quality construction, the pod has a fully watertight roof and is weatherproof, meaning that it is able to function come rain, wind, or shine.



Our catering pods are fully securable via the serving hatch and the side door, and our electric shutters are fitted to your exact requirements. Our catering pod’s security gives you complete peace of mind that your equipment and supplies will be safe from break-ins and ready for use when you return to open up.


Bespoke branded design

Each of our pods can be in standard or bespoke sizes to cater to your specific requirements. We are able to install your pod in a variety of colours or designs, and for the added personal touch you can even have your pod branded with vinyl decals of your choice, such as a school or team logo or motto.

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Optional additions

Given the uncertainty of the climate here in the UK it can be sensible to add a rain or sun shelter. At Abraxas, we are able to offer a variety of canopies and shelters, which we can install to complement your pod. Outdoor furniture is another extremely practical addition to your catering pod, creating a complete perfect fresh air, healthy lifestyle catering facility.


Flexible location

Although the pod requires a electricity supply as an ideal permanent solution, it has the flexibility to be removed and repositioned should you need it to, making it a perfect facility to invest in with multi-purpose capabilities. The catering pod can be adapted to virtually any situation or need you might have.

Fully equipped catering pods, food and catering kiosks


Lighting & electrics

Good quality lighting is essential in a food preparation area as well as power to your equipment for both hot and cold food preparation and storage. As long as there is a localised supply of electricity, our skilled team will use this to install all of the electrical facilities that your outdoor catering pod requires.



With a hatch open to the fresh air, the ventilation of our pods is completed with cooker vent hoods to ensure a clean air environment for staff to work in, and to meet health and safety legislation for a catering premises by removing steam, and odours from the cooking processes.



Should your pod be solely for storage, or for a mixture of catering and storage purposes, Abraxas can install whatever shelving or racking solutions that you need. Whether you need under counter storage and shelving for equipment and cooking supplies, or refrigerated storage of food and drinks, we are able to supply and install all that you require.


Catering equipment

The type of catering equipment that your pod will need will depend on the type of food that will be served from it. At Abraxas, we partner with a range of the UK’s leading manufacturers of catering equipment and are able to supply and install according to your bespoke plan. Whatever you need, we will help you with the design of your unique catering pod.


Hygienic & safe

All catering spaces have to meet health and safety requirements and so our outdoor catering pods are built with food hygiene and the safety of personnel in mind. Our flooring is impermeable, non-slip and with coved skirting for easier cleaning and our equipment is moveable. Internal walls are covered with food-safe cladding, which is wipe-clean to ensure you meet food hygiene inspections with confidence.

Fully customizable catering pods and kiosks

Our outdoor kitchen pods have been primarily developed for outside catering locations providing a practical and convenient option to extend inside catering facilities or provide one when the inside facility isn’t available or has restrictions, such as overcrowding at busy periods. The catering pod can be used for evening, weekend or social events providing access to refreshments and offering an all-important additional revenue stream for an establishment or business.


School and education

The catering pod is already proving extremely popular with schools, colleges and higher educational establishments where internal spaces in a dining hall are potentially overcrowded. One of our pods would benefit almost any educational establishment from private to public schools and academy trusts. Instead of cramming students and staff into a stuffy canteen area, students are able to get food and beverages in the fresh air, a healthier option for all concerned.


Sports and event venues

Many educational and sporting venues have people and events on site when their regular facilities are closed, such as evenings and weekends. Sports clubs meet for team training and matches and what could be more appealing than a place to purchase a hot drink or snack while your children train for their club? Being able to provide this additional facility can bring in some extra revenue for the savvy investor, whilst keeping the running costs low.


Leisure and attractions

The outdoor catering pod has an enormous variety of possible uses within the leisure industry. A low-costing facility to operate, but potentially providing large revenues. The pod can keep customers and clients happy with the opportunity to purchase beverages and food without running an industrial-sized commercial catering operation. Whether it’s positioned on an amusement park, visitor attraction or within the grounds of a hotel, golf club or outside a leisure centre, the pod has the potential to expand the catering capabilities of your business.



“With the opening of the Colleges new Engineering unit we required a unit capable to give our students a hot and cold food external to the building. From first consultation, quotes, adjustments and awarding of the project Abraxas has offered us a fast, friendly and approachable service without any hard sale.Mike and the team have all been proactive in giving us the unit we needed to best suit our customers and fitting in with our timeframe for works. Our students and staff are all really happy with the provision they now have and have helped us retain sales and potentially grow custom too. ” – Heart Of Worcestershire College

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Red Catering Pod

Why are catering pods, food & catering kiosks good investments?


Provides additional revenue, whilst keeping running costs low


Helps reduce queuing and overcrowding in indoor dining areas


Expands catering options and provision


Ensures that all potential customers can access food and beverages when they need it


Promotes a healthier, fresh-air, outdoor lifestyle throughout the year


Multi-purpose – can be a snack-type facility or offer more complicated menus with hot and cold foods on the menu


Extends hours and timings of when food can be available to potential customers


With added canopies, screens and outdoor furniture, it can be used throughout the year


Hygienic and safe to work in and prepare food


Customisable for your exact requirements

Our Installations

With huge success and experience at installing our catering pods across a variety of sectors, from schools and leisure centres to simply extending kitchens, Abraxas are the specialists to handle your pod installation in record time. With only a matter of days to install, your catering pod can be ready to use within a week. See our portfolio of successful installations for contented clients across the country.

Get in touch today to find out how one of these innovative kitchen pods could transform your catering provision today. We will handle the project from design to post-installation service for you.

Outdoor Snak Shak

Designed to provide an additional outlet for catering within schools and outdoor environments these standalone pods are fully self-contained needing only a mains power feed bringing to them. Abraxas designed the bespoke pod which includes a weathertight roof, door and secure electric shutter to the clients exact requirements based on the pod’s location, available space and proposed usage.

Bluecoat Wollaton 

Archway learning Trust in Nottingham approached Abraxas regarding a new catering pod for their Bluecoat Wollaton site, the school needed to increase lunchtime serving capacity & provide a grab & go facility to students using the outside facilities at both lunch & break periods. Abraxas designed, supplied & installed a new pod complete with equipment to suit the client’s budget, colour scheme & location.


Abraxas were involved prior to the client’s tender submission to design the kitchen POD & specifiy the equipment to meet the client brief, we provided a turnkey package to include design, supply, installation, project management & commissioning.

Barnsley Academy 

Barnsley Academy Secondary School awarded Abraxas the contract to supply two new catering pods for their site, the school needed to increase lunchtime serving capacity & provide a grab & go facility to students using the outside facilities.

Custom catering pods, food & catering kiosks for sale

Can the pod be repositioned easily?

Even though your catering pod is a permanent solution, they are also designed to be repositioned if needed and can be customised in a range of sizes, making it a perfect facility to invest in with multi-purpose capabilities.

How secure are catering pods?

Your catering pod is very secure when not in use. The side door and hatch of your pod are fully lockable. Additionally, electric shutters are fitted to your exact requirements.

How long do catering kiosk take to build?

Abraxas will be able to build and install your catering pod or kiosk, ready to use within a week, and have installed many catering pods within that time frame.

Is my catering pod gas safe?

If you have gas catering appliances in your catering pod, you will need to be gas certified. All of Abraxas’ gas appliances are gas safe certified under several pieces of legislation including The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and are installed by a gas-safe engineer. For more information on how to get a gas-safe kitchen contact us now.

Are outdoor catering pods weatherproof?

All our catering pods are designed to withstand harsh environments and all-weather conditions and come with a fully watertight roof, meaning they are able to function come rain, wind, or shine.

Will my catering pod be well-ventilated?

Yes, your catering pod is well-ventilated thanks to a hatch open to the fresh air, as well as cooker vent hoods to ensure a clean air environment that meets health and safety regulations.

What do I need to consider before installation?

The essentials required for a catering pod begin with your design. You will also need a location to house your catering pod before any type of installation takes place. Proper ventilation, lighting, and catering equipment, as well as following proper health and safety regulations are all essential requirements for a catering pod.

How often does my catering pod need to be serviced and maintained?

You should perform maintenance checks on your catering pod and your equipment regularly to identify issues that may occur. Abraxas provides maintenance and servicing plans with a team of well-qualified and trusted engineers, all of whom are Gas Safe and F-Gas registered.

How customisable are the catering pods?

You can design your catering pod how you see fit, from the size, colour, what catering equipment you need, and what branding you can add for a more personal touch.

Are there any types of locations or venues where they would not be suitable?

Our catering pods are suitable in several outdoor and indoor locations, ideal for establishments including schools and universities, sports and event venues, and leisure venues. Speak to our expert team to see how we can help.


What is the cost of restaurant kiosk?

The cost of a restaurant kiosk can vary widely based on several factors. Here are some key factors that influence the cost of a restaurant kiosk:

  • Hardware Quality and Features
  • Customization
  • Durability and Build Quality
  • Installation and Setup

and more.

If you’re interested in implementing a restaurant kiosk solution, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We will provide you with a custom quote that aligns with your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your restaurant kiosk project.

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