Commercial Catering and Kitchen Equipment to Rent or Lease

Whether you’re starting out or are an existing commercial kitchen business owner, leasing your kitchen equipment can help you arrange your budgets and free up capital for other areas. The lease packages that Abraxas can offer, will give you peace of mind as you will be covered by our repair and maintenance service and emergency call-out is standard. You may only want to consider catering equipment leasing on a single machine, or you may prefer to lease catering equipment for the entire kitchen – Abraxas have you covered.  

Wide selection of commercial catering equipment for lease 


The variety of appliances that are used within a commercial catering kitchen is vastly different depending on the customer base of each kitchen. Depending on what your kitchen offers, we believe we can source the equipment you need to keep you functioning. The wide selection of equipment available to lease through our partners includes:  

Fridges & freezers


robust, reliable and easy-to-clean appliances which are essential to your business. 

Cooking ranges & combination ovens


– essential for preparing food, we offer all types of cooking ranges and ovens to suit your business needs. 

Fryers and pasta cookers


– able to cook large batches of food, we supply machines with or without built-in filtration. 

Dishwashers, glasswashers & utensil washers


– enables you to clean a large quantity of dirty dishes, pots and pans in minutes

Stainless steel tabling and bespoke fabrication


– hot or cold, these can help you serve food to large quantities of people quickly and efficiently.  

Cold rooms and freezer rooms


– larger chilling units for restaurants serving a wider menu range which can store greater quantities of food.

Servery Counters


– hot or cold, these can help you serve food to large quantities of people quickly and efficiently.  

Vegetable preparation units


freestanding or tabletop, these are used for large quantities of fruit or veg to be prepared for cooking and consumption. 

Ventilation & Extraction systems


– essential to ensure extraction of odours, steam and fumes for clean air in the kitchen, these must be installed and maintained to meet legal requirements. 

Coffee machines


– we supply espresso machines, bean to cup or bulk brew options depending on your catering outfit and customer needs.  

Why use Abraxas for commercial catering equipment leasing? 


Energy saving and eco-friendly

– newer models are more eco-friendly than older, second-hand machines meaning that they consume less energy to run as well as having a much lower risk of breakdown. 

25 years of experience

– with more than 25 years in the industry we are able to tackle any project or issue, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or can’t handle.
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Options to suit your business

– you can rent a single item of equipment or fit out your entire commercial kitchen with leased equipment – flexible options to suit your business and budget. 


High-quality equipment

– we source commercial equipment for lease from the highest quality brands on the market, so you know you have good quality equipment that won’t let you down.  

Support and repair service

– our rented or leased equipment is covered by our maintenance and repair plans meaning you can be free to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.  

What other services do we offer?

Abraxas is a one-stop shop for all things catering. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services for the catering industry from design and installation to maintenance and servicing. Our services include:




We design kitchens that are efficient, well organised and cost effective, tailor-made to your needs.


Kitchen extraction is imperative for employee & customer safety and is a legal requirement.


Every installation fully project managed ensuring your kitchen complies with all necessary regulations.


Bespoke servery counters

Bespoke servery counters, working to your exact requirements and specifications.

Servicing & Maintenance

We can service, repair and maintain your catering equipment to ensure your kitchen runs efficiently.

gas safe

We understand the meaning of a Gas Safe Kitchen & can make sure you meet all the necessary regulations.

Learn more about Abraxas’s commercial catering and kitchen equipment leasing 

To discover more about our commercial catering kitchen equipment lease or rental packages and to find the perfect appliances for your kitchen,  get in touch with a member of our specialist team today. 

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