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We supply high-quality catering equipment tailored to each customer’s individual budget. Reach out to our friendly team to find a solution for you.


25+ years of experience

We have supplied and installed catering equipment for over 25 years, and we draw on this experience to provide potential customers with the best advice.

Good quality

We only sell refrigeration equipment climate class 4 or above. Our supreme network of suppliers allows us to source and deliver equipment promptly!

Abraxas supply full selection of commercial kitchen and catering equipment to the foodservice industry and work with a host of major brands both from the UK and around the world. We offer our commercial kitchen and catering equipment to businesses of all kinds, including the hospitality sector and even schools and higher education establishments. 

As a company we choose manufacturers that supply a reliable product as well as quality after sales support and warranties. We specialise in supplying commercial kitchens with catering kitchen equipment that is durable and reliable to meet the wear and tear of a high traffic, working kitchen environment.

As a company with experience in the business since 1998, we have the expertise to provide knowledgeable and reliable advice as well as being able to fit any kind of commercial professional kitchen equipment that your space requires.

Abraxas commercial kitchen catering equipment

Browse our wide range of commercial catering equipment 

Commercial catering equipment is the term for appliances or equipment that is used in the foodservice industry. Professional kitchen equipment has to be sturdy, robust and durable as it has to cope in busy, industrial kitchens and food prep areas where a domestic appliance would simply wear out. The commercial catering equipment has to be reliable because otherwise it will impact the quality of the food that your restaurant, café or canteen produces, bringing it to a halt if it breaks down completely.

We work with commercial kitchen suppliers like Lincat, Maidaid, Retigo, Blue Seal, Foster, Sammic, Rational, Hoshizaki, Tournus, Parry, EAIS, Mechline and Metcalfe. We are proud to supply quality professional kitchen equipment by working with reliable and excellent manufacturers to ensure our customers have efficient and high-class equipment.

The wide range of high quality and efficient products that Abraxas can supply and install includes:

Fridges & freezers

Under counter or full height fridges and freezers are an essential part of kitchen equipment to keep raw and cooked foods to the right temperatures for food safety and hygiene. A robust and easy to clean appliance is a necessity to your business.

Cooking ranges & combination ovens

Cooking ranges, usually a stove top with oven units underneath, are usually electric or gas fired and another essential in a commercial kitchen. Combination ovens are appliances that use steam or hot air convection, or a combination of both, as an alternative cooking method to gas or electric hob.

Fryers and pasta cookers

Commercial fryers and pasta cookers can cook large volumes and multiple batches of food. They can be either single or dual units and countertop or freestanding. We supply fryers with or without built-in filtration, however the built-in filtration options help to extend the lifespan of valuable cooking oil.

Dishwashers, glasswashers & utensil washers

Commercial dishwashers are a means of enabling the cleaning of a large quantity of dirty dishes, pots and pans in minutes. The machine enables cleaning for every surface as they heat up to 85 degrees – ensuring sanitisation. The glasswasher is invaluable for establishments which serve drinks, providing a unique cleaning operation for drinkware.

Stainless steel tabling & bespoke fabrication

Stainless steel tabling is a staple piece of equipment in every commercial kitchen. Used for storage, as well as food preparation or cleaning stations, these units are available in a variety of sizes or bespoke to suit all styles of kitchen. They are durable and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Cold rooms and freezer rooms

Cold rooms, or chillers, and freezer rooms are large scale, walk-in units which are constructed with insulated panels to ensure a sealed, temperature-controlled space for storing fresh or cooked foods. This professional kitchen equipment units are necessary for restaurants where wider menu options require storage of greater quantities of food.

Servery counters

Servery counters are units that enable the serving of food to a large number of people quickly and efficiently. They can be for hot or cold food depending on the kitchen’s requirements and a range of sizes depending on the number of covers to be served.

Vegetable preparation units

These are especially used for preparing large quantities of fruit, salad and vegetable stuffs and offer options for peeling, chopping, dicing, shredding, or pulping. They are often tabletop or freestanding appliances depending on the quantity of preparation required.

Ventilation & Extraction systems

Comprised of the extraction fan, canopy and ducting, these are not only essential, but a legal requirement. The fan is located in the canopy above any cooking equipment that will create odours, steam, or fumes to extract them along the ducting to the outside and transfer clean air back into the kitchen.

Coffee machines

These can range from espresso machines, bean to cup or bulk brew options. The type of machine that is needed will depend on the type of catering outfit and needs of the customers being served.

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Quality catering equipment installers and suppliers

At Abraxas, our experienced catering equipment installers are the team you can trust.

Our catering equipment installers are fully trained in installation, maintenance and servicing of all commercial catering kitchen equipment and all are F-Gas and Gas-Safe registered. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with any changes in the industry to ensure a service you can rely on and a pleasant and safe environment for staff to work in.

 We only supply leading brands of the highest quality, chosen for their reliability and durability, so you can be confident you’re getting the best equipment for your kitchen. We also offer a full commercial kitchen design service to create a bespoke kitchen that optimally uses your kitchen space and is tailored to the needs of your business at your budget.

Need advice from catering equipment installers?

Buy, lease or rent professional kitchen and catering equipment

Buy professional kitchen equipment

You can simply buy the catering equipment or appliance that you need as a simple outright purchase with your own capital, and it will then be delivered directly to you.

Buy and install catering kitchen equipment

For a one-off fee we will bring the appliance, or other piece of equipment, that you have purchased and install it for you saving you the hassle of finding someone else to do the installation. As all of our engineers are F-Gas and Gas-Safe compliant, as well as CHAS accredited, you will be able to relax knowing that the installation will meet all legal and safety requirements.

Lease catering kitchen equipment

We offer several leasing options in order to suit every business’s requirements. Fixed term contracts can be spread over longer periods of time and are also tax deductible meaning that lease payments can be offset against your profits. Our rental schemes are easy to budget for and we are confident we can find a plan that will suit your business. Talk to us today to see what leasing options will work for you.

Rent commercial kitchen equipment

Abraxas now offer rental of commercial kitchen equipment with the added bonus of a lifetime guarantee, servicing and no bills for repairs – including labour and parts. Call outs are also included in the monthly payment scheme and appliances can be replaced as and when required. All of our rental machines are either new or very nearly new on installation and we only use the reliable machines that we know provide the best service. Talk to us today to find out how our foodservice rental scheme is perfect for your business.

Maintenance for your commercial kitchen catering equipment

Abraxas offers service and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contracts to suit your kitchen equipment requirements. A PPM contract will mean that one of our engineers will give a regular inspection, clean and service of your appliances to make sure that they all stay in perfect working order prolonging their lifespan. Maintenance is important to ensure that staff stay safe while working and that the food quality is assured. It also avoids expensive repair costs of things breaking down and causing downtime – which means a loss of profit and inconvenience to your customers.

Part of the PPM contract will mean that any potential problems can be spotted before they cause a break down. As our engineers often carry common spare parts on the van, many of these problems can be dealt with immediately which saves the hassle of another visit. You can rest assured that all repairs are undertaken to legal and safety standards as our engineers are fully certified. The PPM contract you need will depend on the size and service of your commercial kitchen, get in touch today to find out what PPM contract will work for you and your business.

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Have a question about commercial kitchen or catering equipment?

Do you need information about professional kitchen equipment like extraction unit checking over? 

Our team will be happy to help guide you to find what suits you.

FAQ – Commercial catering kitchen equipment

How do I know what commercial catering equipment equipment I need?

Just about every catering kitchen will need some basic preparation units, refrigeration and some kind of cooking equipment as well as storage. However, the professional kitchen equipment that you need will depend on the size of the kitchen and the number of covers that it is going to serve day-to-day – in other words as bespoke as your business. Get in touch for a consultation with one of our experienced designers who can advise.

Do you offer service plans for commercial catering equipment?

Abraxas is pleased to offer service and maintenance plans of every sort in order to cover your commercial kitchen equipment and make sure it continues to run like new. Contracted service and maintenance customers are given priority in an emergency call out situation.

Is there a warranty on your commercial catering and kitchen equipment?

New equipment will be covered by a manufacturers’ warranty, of at least one year, but for peace of mind many now come with two, three and even five years, and with our rental contracts any breakdown will be repaired as part of your contract. At Abraxas we will manage the warranty throughout its term meaning you have only one call to make should a problem occur.

What types of catering equipment do you offer?

Abraxas is able to supply and install a very wide range of quality appliances, such as: fridges and freezers, dishwashers and glasswashers, servery counters, ventilation systems, cooking ranges and combination ovens, fryers and pasta cookers, vegetable preparation units, coffee machines, stainless steel tabling and even cold and freezer rooms. All of the equipment we supply is from the reputable brands of Lincat, Maidaid, Retigo, Blue Seal, Foster, Sammic, Rational, Hoshizaki, Tournus, Parry, EAIS, Mechline and Metcalfe.

Do you provide commercial kitchen and catering equipment for outdoor use?

We provide commercial catering equipment for outdoor use in the form of our innovative and flexible catering pods. Able to be modified to your own specifications, with canopies and fixed seating options, the catering pod is able to offer a kitchen facility outdoors where you might want to offer eating facilities in a more mobile location.

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