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We give our customers free honest advice that is in the interest of their operation. If a piece of equipment has come to the end of its life, we’ll tell them.


25+ years of experience

We employ our own engineers who have 25+ years of industry knowledge and we draw on this experience to provide potential customers with the best advice. 

Fast and efficient

We partner with the most reputable catering parts suppliers in the UK, ensuring repairs are completed swiftly, which means less downtime for you.

Quality Servicing and Maintenance of Catering Equipment


Offering services that suit your organisation, here at Abraxas we offer planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and service plans that will help determine the best time to avoid disruption to your organisation. Our skilled specialists come equipped with many common spare parts on the van so that we can service or repair it in a single visit.

At Abraxas, we have over 25 years of experience in catering equipment servicing and maintenance, we understand the importance of keeping commercial catering equipment up to standard and for food production to continue without disruption or a loss of income due to a breakdown or repair process.

In the locations of Hereford, Birmingham, Kidderminster, and Warwickshire within the Midlands and Worcestershire regions, we offer specific services such as service, maintenance, and gas safe services. Additionally, our kitchen design services are available nationwide.

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Why Is Catering Equipment Maintenance Important?

Lack of maintenance can be the main cause of catering equipment breaking down. By keeping your equipment clean, not only will it benefit your organisation for food hygiene reasons and the prevention of spreading bacteria that can lead to food poisoning, but it can also help prevent other issues such as breakdowns or a build-up of grease that could lead to fires.

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment, giving businesses a maximum return on their investment and ensuring a good resale value if it is later sold. Having a maintenance and service plan can help your organisation avoid unexpected repair costs and avoid loss of production if equipment is broken and needs repair.

Providing your organisation with competitive maintenance and service plans, Abraxas can plan for any business from care homes, school trusts or other large entities with multiple sites. We have a plan for your company, no matter the size.

What Type of Equipment Can We Service?

Gas Appliances

Oven ranges, fryers, grills or combi ovens that are supplied by gas need regular maintenance to make certain that they’re operating safely. There are warning signs to look out for, such as a pilot light that blows out, or the presence of yellow or orange flames, instead of blue, which can be a sign of incomplete combustion. If you see these signs, then it’s time to call an engineer.

It is illegal for someone who isn’t Gas Safe registered to work on a gas appliance in a commercial kitchen, so to be sure you’re in good hands, call on one of our engineers at Abraxas for help and peace of mind.

Electrical Appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and grills, amongst others, are all electrical appliances in the standard commercial kitchen and frequent inspections should be a priority for all business owners to ensure safe working environments.

Fixed appliances should be inspected and tested at least every 12 months, whereas portable appliances should have a formal visual inspection more frequently. Planned preventative maintenance from Abraxas will take care of the hassle of recording and carrying out these inspections for your operation.

Ventilation and Extraction System Maintenance

A vital part of the catering equipment is the ventilation and extraction system. There are legal requirements in place to ensure the discharge of excess hot air, fumes of cooking and vapours safely in exchange for clean air and to help prevent the build-up of unwanted fumes, heat, smells and gasses, so it is essential that this equipment is regularly maintained.

We ensure that the legal requirements are met and help teams keep the whole system clean to prevent any risk of fire from built-up grease in air ducts.

Gas Safe- and FGas-registered

All our engineers are highly qualified to inspect equipment and check that components are compliant with all the regulations relevant to the different appliances. The team are friendly and polite and will work around you and your staff to ensure the minimum disruption to your operation.

Our engineers also carry enhanced DBS checks to enable them to work within settings where young or more vulnerable people are on site, such as schools or care homes.

Why Choose Abraxas to Maintain Your Catering Equipment?



We have a team of well-qualified and trusted engineers. Our engineers are Gas Safe or F-Gas registered and fully qualified to inspect all components and equipment ensuring they are compliant with Gas Safety regulations. Abraxas can also ensure that all ductwork, vent canopy and ventilation systems meet DW172 specification for kitchen ventilation systems and TR19 guidance from the Building Engineers Services Association, as well as installing fire suppression systems.



Our skilled engineers carry out essential catering equipment maintenance efficiently, ensuring any interruption to your operations is kept to a minimum. Our commercial catering equipment maintenance cover provides you with peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen to your vital equipment, your cover will include all parts and labour. Our team carry many common spare parts in their van, meaning a large amount of catering equipment servicing can be completed in one visit. Prevention is better than the cure, so have your indispensable kitchen equipment regularly maintained to ensure optimal functioning.



Abraxas have years of experience in the maintenance, service and emergency repair arena and work with large multi-site companies as well as smaller single-outfit set ups meaning that your catering equipment is in the most trustworthy hands when you take out a planned maintenance and service plan with us.



Many of our team have backgrounds in the catering industry so we fully understand the needs of a foodservice production business and our engineers are respectful and polite and will endeavour to work hard to ensure you remain operational.

Where we cover – Commercial Catering Equipment Maintenance

Our service hub is centrally located in Worcestershire and the Midlands. We specialize in providing dedicated service, maintenance, and gas safe services in key areas:

Our coverage extends beyond these locations, so feel free to get in touch to inquire about services and pricing in your area.

Contact us to get a free quote for catering and kitchen equipment servicing and confirm coverage in your area.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Packages Designed for You

A planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plan does what is says on the tin. It helps to maintain your catering equipment and prevent any potential issues before they happen in order to ensure there aren’t any costly breakdowns and to keep everything in good working order. We can inspect and clean kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems and keep dishwashers, stoves, refrigeration and cooking equipment working efficiently to enable the productivity of the kitchen to continue without interruption.

Maintaining equipment regularly with services makes certain that the high level of customer service and your company reputation can continue to be upheld, as minor problems or worn out parts can be replaced before they create an emergency for the business. Abraxas can customise a plan to suit your premises and appliance requirements.

Abraxas PPM
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Reliable Catering Equipment Servicing From Abraxas

Servicing of your equipment entails checking its function regularly and the overall condition of the equipment.

Our team is able to rectify simple faults whilst on site and can advise on any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that might be required to keep everything running as usual.

Servicing your catering equipment regularly means that your machines all operate to their maximum capability and will increase their longevity, or re-saleability.

Abraxas is able to offer a range of bespoke service plans to suit all budgets and types of equipment.

Our maintenance service is available within 30 miles radius of Worcestershire. Some of the areas we cover are Birmingham, Warwickshire, Kidderminster, Hereford etc.

We Can Also Provide Emergency Catering Equipment Repairs

Breakdowns happen, and at Abraxas, we appreciate how difficult this can be to your business’ function and profits. We are able to offer emergency repairs with OEM parts throughout the catering and hospitality businesses.

Our skilled Abraxas engineers often carry a range of common spare parts on our vans, even original manufacturer parts, meaning we can complete the repair or service on the spot and save you the irritation of having to have a second visit to complete the work.

Our service is quick and hassle free. For your peace of mind, we offer a range of labour-inclusive repair contracts which will suit all budgets and can be tailored to your particular kitchen appliance set up.

As one of our valued customers you will have access to priority support for any emergency callouts you might have.

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