Kitchen Design and Equipment for Restaurants

Abraxas has decades of experience in planning and designing commercial catering kitchens for restaurants and making sure the layout and equipment are perfectly configurated for an efficient and functional space where you can serve your customers and watch your business grow.

The art of a productive kitchen stems from the initial design. Most kitchens don’t conform to any universal shape or size, so the key is utilising all available space safely and efficiently. This involves understanding your business, your staff’s needs as well as your customer base to develop and design a kitchen capable of delivering.

Exceptional Kitchen Designs for Restaurants from Abraxas

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A good commercial kitchen needs to be functional, efficient and safe. Stocked with regularly maintained equipment and an inventory management system in place ensuring stock rotation and preventing cross-contamination. Protocol and procedures must be followed to ensure customers receive the smoothest service and quality food whilst health and safety regulations are met, and best business practice is adhered to.

A properly designed kitchen, created around your business’s specific requirements will soon justify the initial outlay as the efficient kitchen layout will handle a greater number of customer orders in much less time.

The Importance of Restaurant Kitchen Designs


An efficient kitchen is a quality kitchen – and a kitchen that can rely on all its parts is a well-oiled machine. It is beneficial for all functioning areas to be designed within their remit.

The food preparation area must keep raw meat and other produce separate whilst the dishwasher area will not want to mix clean and dirty crockery.

This seems so logical, but it all comes with design and installation. These are the details to consider at the start, so you don’t find yourself longing for extra spaces of prime stainless-steel real estate later down the line.

Fully installed bespoke catering equipment including convection oven, washup sink and gas top oven.

We Design Restaurant Kitchens to Flow Efficiently


A well-designed restaurant kitchen will incorporate a layout designed with safety and functionality in mind. It will offer an efficient process for all preparation and serving to be completed to a high standard. Every work area will have its specific place, designed with rules, regulations, safety and common sense in mind. The main things to remember are the importance of keeping raw and cooked food separate, the dishwashing area away from all food, waste disposal separated from food preparation areas and storage in a space that can maintain correct temperatures. A strong layout to consider is the work triangle concept.

A principle commonly used in commercial kitchen design is to optimise efficiency by placing the three primary work areas at the point of a triangle. The stove, sink and refrigerator.

Each side of the triangle represents a functioning zone of either prep, service or cleaning.

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We are Committed to Helping Design Safe and Sanitary Kitchens


The design stage is the time to consider safety, compliance, ventilation and maintenance.

This is the time to make sure your commercial kitchen design and all kitchen equipment in your restaurant meet regulation standards. A good ventilation and extraction system must be in place, legally, from the start with fans above any areas that omit fumes, steam or odours. The system will extract these from the source, deposit them externally and replace them with fresh air.

Fire safety measures must be met, and safety signage prominently displayed. It is advised to have an official fire safety check by a regulated agency. There will also be rules and regulations set in place by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that must be adhered to, and the local council will visit to inspect the premises before it can become operational. 

It sounds like a lot to consider but we can help with it all. We have been designing commercial kitchens for years and understand the importance of getting it right from the start. As Gas Safe engineers, let us help you navigate the legalities, giving you peace of mind that your kitchen is compliant. 

Leading Suppliers of Kitchen Equipment for Restaurants

When it comes to perfecting kitchen design for restaurants, we believe there is no place for scrimping on quality. From our original design to our superb aftercare and all our partner brands used in the installation including Falcon, Lincat, Hoshizaki, Metcalfe and more. Working with the best means we can offer the assurance that comes with names synonymous with their industries. These are brands you can trust.  

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Process of kitchen design for restaurants with Abraxas


Abraxas offers a complete turnkey commercial kitchen design service which includes installation, maintenance and support and payment options to suit.  

It all begins with a consultation with one of our expert design team where we will discuss your requirements and offer expert advice on current trends, sustainability, practical options and safety and legal rules and regulations. We will then discuss payment terms and discover whether it would be better to lease or buy your equipment. Once the design is complete and infrastructure right down to piping and anti-slip flooring is agreed upon, your perfectly designed restaurant kitchen will be installed. We recommend following the manufacturer’s advice on all maintenance and upkeep and you offer regular services for all quality appliances. If the equipment is leased, this may come as standard depending on the terms and conditions of your agreement. 

Get in touch to start the design process 


We have been working with companies for over 20 years to make sure they have the perfect hotel kitchen design to help their business grow. We pride ourselves on listening to you and designing a kitchen that suits your needs and offers efficiency and safety as standard. 

We guide our customers through the whole process, and this is why they always come back to us.  

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