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Commercial kitchen extraction installation in London

Abraxas has been expert at installing extraction and ventilation systems for over 25 years with our specialists working across a wide range of industries in the London area. With our central West Midlands location, based in Worcestershire, we are a dedicated team of commercial kitchen extraction installers who will come to your business across the London area. Abraxas specialises in many services for your commercial kitchen extraction installation including cleaning, maintenance, and repair, so you know you can always rely on us for your installation and care needs for your commercial kitchen extraction system.

To ensure the safety of your London business our skilled, and organised, engineers and designers, understand the legal requirements and regulations for your London commercial kitchen extraction installation. We are fully cognisant with BS6173 and DW172 specifications and all our engineers and designers are Gas-Safe and F-Gas registered, to ensure that all of the equipment we supply is safe for the staff, clients, and property of your London business. Thanks to our centralised location, our technicians can easily service and maintain your commercial kitchen extraction equipment, continuing to follow the proper health and safety regulations.

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We are experts in installing extraction and ventilation systems for commercial kitchens 

We provide many services that will complement your commercial kitchen extraction installation. Along with the design and installation process, we can offer both service and maintenance as well as regular cleaning and repairs. We always want to ensure that your commercial extraction and ventilation systems are working at maximum efficiency. Our services which include design considerations, reach a wide range of businesses in the London area from care homes to hospitality and educational institutions.

Extraction systems are vital for commercial kitchens to run functionally and efficiently, but sometimes repairs are needed when systems become faulty. If this happens then our team can come out to make repairs and service the extraction system. Our skilled engineers will often be able to complete the repair on the first call-out, as they carry many common spare parts in their vans.


The best way to prevent the need for extraction repairs is to carry out regular cleaning of your extraction and ventilation systems. This is essential to make sure the systems run efficiently, and Abraxas provides a service of deep cleaning to ensure that all equipment is kept in working order.


Due to our years of experience, we are aware of crucial it is to service and maintain your commercial kitchen extraction system to avoid service interruptions. In accordance with one of our scheduled preventative maintenance (PPM) plans, we schedule a convenient time to come to your place of business and maintain and service your equipment in order to keep your kitchen in optimal condition. In the event of a breakdown, customers with our PPM plans also receive priority assistance.


Whether you are looking to fit out a new installation or renovate an existing commercial kitchen, Abraxas has the knowledge to help you design your commercial kitchen with comprehensive design solutions in extraction and ventilation systems. We have the expertise in the legal regulations and current specification modifications needed to design and install your commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems to meet the legalities.

Gas Safe and F-Gas registered installers for London

At Abraxas, our team of engineers knows the vital importance of following the legal requirements and regulations when it comes to installing your commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems for your London business. That is why our team are Gas Safe and F-Gas registered installers, who will adhere to the correct safety standards to provide the best possible health and safety to your staff and customers. On top of this, all our engineers hold enhanced DBS certifications and have years of experience working across a wide range of industries, including care homes, hotels, and educational institutions.

As commercial kitchen extraction installers, we will take care of all the regulations for the design and installation of your extraction system and ensure safety checks will be carried out during the installation process. We will work hard to make sure we cause minimum disruption to your business to keep your service operating as efficiently as possible.

Abraxas provides quality extraction system installations for London businesses

Abraxas has been helping industries to design and install extraction systems for commercial kitchens since 1998, providing turnkey services of the highest quality. Each member of our team has trained in health and safety regulations ensuring the utmost care when installing extraction systems. Some members even have backgrounds and first-hand experience in the catering industry, giving us understanding of the pressures the industry faces.

Abraxas believes that honesty and integrity are some of the most important qualities to possess when building relationships with clients. We have an outstanding track record of reliability, giving you the confidence that we will provide you with a service you can depend on with a team who have expert technical knowledge and are consistently responsible when carrying out their duties. With our centralised location in Worcestershire, we can reach your London business with rapid response times whenever you need repairs, maintenance or any kind of support.

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