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Commercial kitchens are vastly different from household ones as they must cater to a much larger number of people and follow food safety rules and regulations. This brings a demand your everyday kitchen cannot handle and requires specialised equipment and systems. At Abraxas, we have 25 years of experience in supplying kitchen equipment ranging from fridges and freezers, cooking ranges and combination ovens to cold rooms and extraction systems. Over the years we have proudly supplied schools, hotels, restaurants and even West Midlands Safari Park. We also design kitchens to specifically suit your needs and perfectly fill your space. 

Equipment for commercial kitchens in restaurants

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Restaurant kitchens require a wide range of equipment and at a grander scale, so all customers are served efficiently and, more importantly, leave happy. This includes everything from a stove, oven, griddle or fryer to walk-in refrigeration units, freezers, prep tables, shelving and food containers. Even colour-coded cutting boards.  

Buying the equipment means a higher initial outlay but is more cost-effective and adds value to your business. However, maintenance may impact long-term savings. Leasing removes the outlay and maintenance costs, but you do not own the equipment so cannot add it as an asset to your annual returns. 

Equipment for commercial kitchens in schools

Restaurants tend to have two busy periods in their day lunch and dinner. They will cater to a capacity and will know what to expect based on trends and patterns. A school is quite different. It will usually only have one mid-day meal to serve, but a much greater number of people to cater for.


It is beneficial to a school kitchen to have large cooking capabilities and large standing units to keep the food warm. Abraxas understands the specialised needs of a school and can help with all buying and leasing options.

School kitchen fit out deli servery

Equipment for commercial kitchen in hotels

restaurant kitchen hotel kitchen bar commercial kitchen equipment
When it comes to commercial kitchens the first consideration should always be what makes this different. This could be equipment required, numbers catered for or, in the case of a hotel, times of operation – which is often 24 hours.

It is not viable to turn on equipment when a guest orders down, but it is not sensible for a hotel to have high-cost equipment sitting on standby. A hotel needs equipment that caters to the demands of a busy service period whilst also operating cost-effectively throughout the night when receiving much less use. Making the right choices here can pay dividends. 

Equipment for commercial kitchens at wedding venues

People only get married once and they want it to be perfect. This means a wedding venue operates in a highly competitive market and will want to offer a variety of menus, covering different tastes, meaning a greater range of equipment is required. Particularly in the cooking range.

You may need a variety of fryers, skillets, stoves, ovens, hobs, microwaves or even more specialised items. It will require a well-designed kitchen to keep items grouped together following the kitchen work triangle principle to maintain this busy kitchen at maximum productivity. 

Wedding kitchen meal preparation

Equipment for commercial kitchens at sports venues

man grilling hamburger on an open grill
A sports venue commercial kitchen needs to consider the differing food requirements of various customer groupsThey will tend to cater to spectators, athletes and venue employees. The athletes will require food full of vitamins and nutrients with a perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.

This specific diet may require steamers, air fryers and precise measuring equipment to manage the calorie intake. It may also involve proteins being cooked separately from mass cooking to avoid unnecessary calories. Staff and spectators will want a variety of options on their menu and will want the food immediately. The key to this system is sizeable bainmaries and warm storage so batch cooking can be completed and ready when the customer arrives. 

Equipment for commercial kitchens at golf clubs

A golf club kitchen needs to consider a lot of members are on the premises but not necessarily nearby. A typical urban golf course is between 120-200 acres in size with members spread over. A good commercial kitchen needs to access this custom throughout the day and many incorporate food and beverage carts.

Carts holding hot and cold food that can be driven between holes are a fantastic extra revenue stream for a golf clubGolf clubs often host events, so a golf club kitchen needs to have a wide range of equipment catering to various tastes and diverse menus.  

A drone shot of the Rhosgoch Golf and Leisure Club showcasing the green beautiful surrounding countryside.

Flexible options for equipment for commercial kitchens

The way to make your commercial kitchen work for you is to have it designed bespoke to comfortably fit your area and contain the correct equipment to fulfil your needs. This is where Abraxas excels. We can help from start to finish and guide you through the process with ease helping you make all the right choices. We can help with kitchen design, kitchen installation, supply of catering equipment, servery counter solutions and kitchen extraction and ventilation 


Pros: Costs less in the long-term if correctly maintained. Adds to business value as an asset. 
Cons: Higher initial outlay. The owner pays for repairs outside the warranty.  

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Pros: Highest quality brands available. Support and repair service. Flexible terms to suit your business. 
Cons: The equipment may cost more in the long term. You do not own the equipment at the end of the term.  

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Why Choose Abraxas? 


Here at Abraxas, we pride ourselves on being able to guide our customers through the whole kitchen journey from start to finish with peace of mind. With over 25 years of experience, we are trusted throughout various industries to help them manage their catering demands proficiently whilst following health and safety rules and regulations.

Get in touch and let us create your perfect kitchen together.  

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