Here at Abraxas, we understand all businesses are different – even within the same sector. We work with our customers to ensure money is well spent on the catering and kitchen equipment their business needs to thrive. Hotels operate under unique demands due to the nature of their business always being open and their diverse customer base. A general rule is to have three set mealtimes with specific menus and offer out-of-hours room service or bar snacks. The decisions made at the design stage will determine whether your hotel kitchen equipment configuration will be efficient, so it is advised to have your mealtimes and on-demand service plans in place, including menus and whether you will offer a table service or buffet system. These plans will act as a guide when deciding which catering and kitchen equipment is right for you. 

Hotel Catering Equipment

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Hotel catering equipment tends to refer to food and drinks offered externally of the kitchen area such as coffee machines and breakfast bars or kitchen support units like bain-maries, food processors and chilled storage. All catering equipment in a commercial environment will have strict rules and regulations to adhere to including food safety regulations, health and safety standards and electrical safety standards. Certain equipment may require certification and annual checks 


We supply quality equipment as it will last longer if maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions, whilst offering performance assurance. Being able to rely on your equipment allows you the time to focus on the quality of the food service you offer your customers. Also, a well-designed layout of catering equipment supporting your kitchen can make it easier to implement a successful inventory management system preventing overspending, waste or running out of essentials. Helping your bottom line. 

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

A hotel is often remembered for the quality of its food as much as the quality of the bedroom. The key to returning customers is always in the experience and nothing results in a bad review more than a mealtime failure. This is why it is strongly advised across the industry that when it comes to hotel kitchen equipment, quality matters

We only work with high-end brands and names synonymous with kitchen equipment so you can rest assured your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and others won’t be breaking down at dinner time if they are maintained following the manufacturer’s instructions. As with the catering equipment, your hotel kitchen equipment will come with rules and regulations for promoting customer and staff safety and some items will require annual approval and certification. These may involve, proper cleaner procedures, PAT testing and compliance with gas safety regulations.  

Fully installed bespoke catering equipment including convection oven, washup sink and gas top oven.

We work with leading hotel catering and kitchen equipment suppliers


We only work with industry-leading names when it comes to hotel catering and kitchen equipment suppliers. We believe in supplying our customers with a system they can trust, and we do this by using quality brands such as Lincat, Falcon, CED, Retigo, Metcalfe and others as regular partners in our commercial kitchen kit outs. 

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Hotel Kitchen Equipment List 


Certain equipment is required by most commercial kitchens, but some needs will vary depending on the volume of customers served daily. It is paramount in the planning stage to ascertain the amount of food you are likely to serve to know what capacity of equipment you will require. All commercial kitchens must adhere to strict laws and regulations, which will include the use and placement of safety equipment, warning signs and extraction systems and this needs to be drawn into your initial designs. All kitchens will vary slightly on the equipment they initially require depending on size, menu, custom and various other factors – but the basic kitchen equipment needed to make you ready to serve is relatively standard. 

Fridges & freezers


Maintaining the correct temperature of raw and cooked food is necessary for health and safety, shelf-life and quality product.  

Cooking ranges & combination ovens


There is a variety of cooking equipment available for different forms of cooking. You will need options to roast, bake, boil, steam and fry to be able to offer a varied menu.  

Stainless steel tabling and bespoke fabrication


Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintains high hygiene standards. Often used as tabling for food prep, cleaning stations and food storage, stainless steel tabling can be made to fit. 

Cold rooms and freezer rooms


Designed as a large room capable of storing frozen, fresh or cooked food at the correct temperature and needed in every commercial kitchen to deal with menu demands. 

Servery Counters


Units that store hot and cold food ready for service. This is usually where the salad bar would be kept cool or staples like chilli con carne, baked beans or mushy peas would be kept hot.  

Vegetable preparation units


A vegetable preparation unit is necessary for every commercial kitchen to avoid cross-contamination and help make the vegetable preparation process more efficient. Used for chopping, peeling, dicing, shredding and pulping.  

Ventilation & Extraction systems


Not only an essential item but also a legal requirement. A fan will be located above any equipment that creates fumes or odours and extracts them along the ducting outside and returns fresh clean air. 

Dishwashers, glasswashers & utensil washers


A hotel kitchen needs to be able to clean quickly and thoroughly during a busy period, and a large kitchen needs washing equipment that can handle vast amounts of crockery and cutlery.

This is not an exhaustive list and additional hotel kitchen equipment may be required for your specific needs, but it does include the essentials. 

Process of hotel kitchen design with Abraxas

This process is not something to be daunted by but also not to be ignored. As mentioned, it is important to have a well-designed kitchen plan in place before any work begins to make sure the commercial kitchen will function efficiently whilst adhering to all health and safety, food standards, electrical, gas and fire safety regulations. At Abraxas, we have been doing exactly this for decades. We can aid you through the design, manage the installation, find the right payment terms for you, and then always be on hand for support and aftercare should you need us. 

1. Kitchen Design

Arrange a consultation with us where we will discuss your project and factor in rules and regulations, sustainability, practical configuration and the right hotel kitchen equipment selection

2. Kitchen Installation

Managed by our highly experienced engineering experts who make sure they stick to time restraints and budgets whilst giving you the precise hotel kitchen we designed together.  

3. Payment Terms

When it comes to hotel catering and kitchen equipment you will usually have the option of either leasing or buying each item. We will discuss the benefits of each at the consultation stage and work with what works best for you. 

4. Aftercare

Prevention is better than the cure and that is why we believe in only supplying quality equipment from respected manufacturers. The best way to keep your equipment running smoothly is by regularly having it serviced and maintained and we offer an expert service to do this.  


Choose Abraxas for your hotel kitchen fit out 


We have been working with companies for over 20 years to make sure they have the perfect hotel kitchen design to help their business grow. We pride ourselves on listening to you and designing a kitchen that suits your needs and offers efficiency and safety as standard. 

We guide our customers through the whole process, and this is why they always come back to us.  


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