Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Commercial kitchen extraction systems

At Abraxas, we understand the vital importance of effective commercial kitchen extraction. Since the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment for the health of employees.

We have a team of skilled extraction designers and engineers who understand all of the legal requirements, as well as the latest BS6173 and DW172 updated specifications to ensure your commercial kitchen extraction meets current health and safety and gas safety legislation.

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Why your commercial kitchen needs an extraction system:

  • To expel the by-products of the cooking processes such as carbon monoxide, steam, heat, vapours and other bacteria.
  • To ensure that clean, fresh air is replaced back into the kitchen’s environment.

This process is vital for a healthy, safe and pleasant kitchen environment for staff and customers alike. An effective kitchen extraction system ultimately provides a more pleasant working space for everyone, but it is also a legally enforced requirement which needs to be installed by an expert who understands the intricacies of the law as well as the actual equipment itself.

Abraxas has experts on hand to help your company through this minefield of installation and will also service and maintain this vital equipment in your kitchen. 

Abraxas – your reliable commercial kitchen extraction installers

We have a simple installation process:

1. Choosing the correct system

The kitchen ventilation system needs to be able to effectively remove the by-products of the cooking processes, not just steam, smoke or odours but also, if your kitchen uses gas appliances, harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. 

Our team at Abraxas will help you design, install and maintain the most effective and energy efficient kitchen extraction systems.

2. Site visit and planning 

Each kitchen has unique requirements depending on layout and the type as well as the volume of cooking. We will visit your site and then design the kitchen ventilation system with bespoke stainless-steel canopies which contain baffle filters to trap gasses and particles in the kitchen atmosphere.

These filters can be removed to be cleaned or replaced.

3. Installing your ducting

Ducting is necessary to then contain the air being sucked out of the kitchen area until it is safely expelled outside. Fans placed within the length of ducting help to extract the fumes and propel them outside safely.

 Air that is removed must be replaced and the ‘fan assisted’ method ensures that the kitchen has a clean and comfortable working environment.

We can help you meet commercial kitchen extraction regulations

At Abraxas we are experienced with the legal requirements pertaining to commercial kitchen extraction and the systems needed to meet them.

Here are most important regulations you need to pay attention to:

  1. The legalities of The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 
  2. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 
  3. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

If your kitchen uses gas appliances or not, these legal frameworks must be adhered to when making sure that ventilation and extraction systems are correctly installed and maintained. We also conform to the DW172 specification for all commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Our expert team can take the stress out of ensuring that your system is compliant.


We expertly design commercial kitchen extraction systems 

Our design services for a commercial kitchen extraction system include surveying and identifying the best layout and position of components and the required specifications needed to achieve the ideal level of ventilation for your site.

With years of experience in supporting the food service industry, from school trusts to care homes, we are specialists with a thorough and expert knowledge of the systems you need for your commercial catering kitchen. Abraxas will send one of our highly skilled designers to assess your environment and advise on the type, size and positioning of the equipment that you need to meet your ventilation and extraction needs.

Extractor fans

The extractor fan is the heart of the commercial kitchen extraction system. Located within the ductwork, the fan sucks out the odours, gasses, moisture and grease particles created by the cooking processes. Extracting the air from directly above the cooking appliances, the fan then pushes the air out and along the ducting to be expelled safely outside the building. Our skilled designers understand the health and safety and gas safety legislation and can advise you during the planning stages.

Extraction units

An extraction unit in a commercial kitchen extraction system is required legally to ensure that the air is filtered and kept clean. The extraction unit ensures the removal of heat, steam, odours and gasses to be safely expelled outside the building. It is comprised of several parts, from the canopy or hood over the cooking area to the ducting and fans that propel the contaminated air out of the building and returns the clean air in.


Ducting is the metal tubing which connects the cooker hood and extractor fan to the outside wall or roof for the safe emission of contaminated air. Ductwork should be fire rated and ideally be positioned to take the extracted air to the outside via the shortest possible route. Our team at Abraxas can design to your unique specification as we understand how noise and odour control is important to the safe and comfortable working of your team.

Kitchen extraction canopies

A vital part of the extraction unit within the commercial kitchen extraction system is the canopy or hood. The canopy should be positioned directly above any appliance that generates heat or fumes in order to be most effective. Because of its proximity to the heat of the cooking areas, it needs to be made of a non-combustible material. Abraxas fits bespoke stainless-steel canopies containing filters, which trap gasses and grease particles, and can easily be removed for cleaning, or replaced. Our team will ensure that the right size and design of hood is fitted and then connected to the ducting needed to extract the fumes.

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Abraxas can even maintain and clean your commercial kitchen extraction system

Anyone working in the food service industry knows the crucial importance of good hygiene in food preparation spaces. Staff must be trained in good hygiene practices, and there are regular areas that need to be cleaned as needed, weekly, daily, and even hourly. 

Abraxas is pleased to help with the maintenance routine with our PPM plans for servicing your catering equipment, making sure it runs efficiently and taking the headache out of it for you.

Learn more about our servicing and maintenance plans today to prolong the life of your new extraction system. 

Contact Abraxas for your next commercial kitchen extraction system

Do you need your commercial kitchen extraction unit checking over, or even need a brand new one? Our team will be happy to help guide you to find what suits you.

Find out more about commercial kitchen extraction systems

1. Do you need a kitchen extraction system in a commercial unit?

Yes, legally you must have an extraction system in place that suits the food preparation equipment you have in place. Get in touch today to find out what extraction equipment you need.

2. Can you help with commercial kitchen extraction system design?

Yes, it’s what we do best. With the minefield of legalities for kitchen extraction that can be so daunting, why not call one of our experts? You will get all the help you need with designing your system.

3. Are commercial kitchen extractor fans a legal requirement?

Yes, all food preparation premises must have extractor fans to remove steam, cooking odours and grease particles. Your Local Authority may not even grant you planning permission if you don’t have a sufficient ventilation system planned.

4. What are the extraction regulations for commercial kitchens?

The regulations for extraction and ventilation are stated in the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 as well as the BS6173 and DW172 updates within HSE guidelines. Our experts are familiar with all of these, so let us take the headache out of compliance for you.

5. How does commercial kitchen ventilation work?

The role of commercial kitchen ventilation is to remove unwanted fumes, heat, smells and gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and  to prevent the build-up of grease particles that could cause fires or staff illness. It is also there to replace the air that has been removed with fresh air.

6. What type of extraction unit will I need?

The kitchen extractor fan you will need depends on the size of your kitchen, the amount and size of equipment used. The best solution is to call one of our experts for specific advice.

7. How do you maintain a commercial kitchen extraction fan?

Maintenance of a commercial kitchen extractor fan is a daily, weekly and monthly process. From daily wiping clean of external surfaces and cleaning of filters to regular servicing checks on the fans and other component parts of the system, there is much to do to keep your fans clean and in working order. For the best solution chat to one of our advisors about a PPM service plan to help take the headache out of maintaining your extraction fan system, and to keep it all fully functioning, legal and safe.

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