Do you provide effective,suitable and legal ventilation in your enclosed workplace?

Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Abraxas understands Kitchen Extraction

We supply, design and Install all types of Extract Systems from small units in electric only kitchens to larger units with Gas Interlocks, Proving Systems,Odour and Noise Control.

Extraction Checklist

  • Make sure any conditions placed in your Planning permission are met
  • The extract canopy should overhang any cooking appliances 300mm each side and 300mm at the front.
  • The extract rate of the fan motor is sufficient to remove all smoke and heat,
  • The velocity of the air extracted is sufficient to entrain grease to the outlet of the ducting.
  • The ducting is easily cleanable with access hatches where required.
  • There is sufficient air being replaced into the kitchen.
  • The air input is suitably filtered
  • Your Extract canopy meets with BS6173 and Dw172 for design and extract rates.
  • You Have a fully functional gas interlock system if cooking with gas.
  • Read and implement HSE guidelines.

What’s the easiest way to comply with all these regulations ?

Ring 01562 863222 or email and book an appointment with our extraction specialist for a chat, free advice and a competitive quote for an extraction system that will actually do what it’s supposed too.

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