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Commercial kitchen extraction installation in Leicester

Abraxas has excelled at the installation and maintenance of commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems in the Midlands and across the country, for over 25 years. Because of our central, Worcestershire location, we have quick access to commercial kitchens throughout the Midlands and the Leicestershire area and can deliver a reliable service to a diverse range of happy clients. Abraxas specialises in all aspects of commercial kitchen extraction from design and installation to repairs, cleaning and maintenance – a complete range of services.

Our qualified designers and engineers, who are Gas-Safe and F-Gas registered, understand the legal requirements and specifications of BS6173 and DW172, making sure that all commercial kitchen extraction equipment is installed in your commercial kitchen in Leicester for the safety of your staff, customers and property. Thanks to our location and proximity to Leicestershire, our engineers can also continue to service and maintain your commercial kitchen extraction systems, ensuring that they meet all legal and health and safety requirements.

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We are experts in installing extraction and ventilation systems for commercial kitchens 

Abraxas installs commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems for a vast range of businesses in Leicestershire, including those in the hospitality, healthcare and educational sectors. In addition to the installation, we provide several other services. To guarantee that your equipment performs as effectively as possible for the remainder of its lifespan, we offer servicing, maintenance, routine cleaning and repairs.

We fully understand the difficulties brought about by equipment malfunction, as we know how vital the extraction and ventilation system is to every commercial kitchen. We offer a call-out repair service if equipment breaks down, to ensure that your commercial extraction system is up and running as soon as feasible. Our skilled engineers often complete a repair on the first call-out, eliminating the need for a repeat visit, as they frequently carry common replacement parts in their vans.


Keeping your commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system clean is essential for sustaining them. Baffle filters should be cleaned regularly as part of every kitchen’s cleaning regimen but to keep your equipment in top working condition and prevent breakdowns, it’s also essential to regularly and thoroughly carry out a deep clean. Abraxas can offer support and service for this aspect of maintenance.


At Abraxas, our years of experience have shown us how crucial service and maintenance are to maintain your commercial kitchen extraction system in Leicester to avoid service interruptions. When you sign up for one of our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plans, we schedule a convenient time to visit your kitchen to keep your equipment in optimal condition. In the event of a breakdown, customers with one of our PPM plans also enjoy a speedier response time.


For commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems, Abraxas offers a complete and comprehensive design service. We are confident that we can design and install the system to perfectly match the requirements of your kitchen, whether you are looking to upgrade an existing facility or are planning a brand new installation. We have an extensive and in-depth understanding of the regulations and the most current specification updates, guaranteeing your new system is up to date and legal.

Gas Safe and F-Gas registered installers in Leicester

All of our engineers are Gas-Safe and F-Gas registered installers for commercial kitchens in Leicester and are aware of the significance of extraction and ventilation system safety for your company’s operations, both legally and in terms of the health and safety of your employees and customers. Our team members have years of experience working in commercial kitchens in a variety of industries, including hospitality, care facilities and educational establishments. This is why all of our engineers also carry enhanced DBS certification in addition to the industry standard credentials and certificates because safety is of utmost concern to us.

Abraxas will competently manage all legal requirements for your extraction system’s design and will ensure everyone’s safety while having it installed. To cause you the minimum amount of disruption, we aim to work around your business during periods of the least demand.

Abraxas provides quality extraction system installations for Leicester businesses

We have over two decades of expertise installing commercial kitchen extraction systems, giving us the knowledge to deliver the best quality of service. As many members of our team have worked in the hostelry industry before, we better understand the demands of the sector. To protect its present customer relationships and forge fruitful new ones in the future, Abraxas works tirelessly to preserve a reputation for integrity.

We have a well-established track record of reliability and trustworthiness, which assures you that you are working with a service you can rely on and a group of competent, responsible engineers who consistently carry out their work to the highest professional and technical standards. We provide exceptional response times to your Leicester-based company whenever you need support, repairs or maintenance on your equipment, thanks to our location in the heart of Worcestershire.

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