Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs

Quality catering repair services for commercial kitchen equipment

In the catering industry, being able to find quality commercial kitchen equipment repair services can be the difference between a thriving business and crippling financial consequences. It can take only one piece of catering equipment to malfunction to create downtime that has far-reaching financial implications.

Commercial kitchen equipment needing repairs can be the cause of accidents for both employees and customers, and Abraxas understands the need to have rapid solutions to these issues. This is why our engineers carry all of the most commonly needed replacement parts in their vans to endeavour to fix problems on the spot – preventing both the need for a second visit and the valuable loss of business income.


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Another reason to have a reliable commercial appliance repair service is that faulty equipment can mean that it isn’t meeting regulatory compliance. If appliances are not safe or fit for purpose, it can result in costly fines and legal issues, as well as posing a health and safety risk to staff and clients alike.

Abraxas’s engineers are F-Gas and Gas Safe registered to ensure that all commercial kitchen repairs meet regulations and keep your workplace safe.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plans are available to give you peace of mind that, should your commercial kitchen equipment need repairing, you’ll be prioritised to get your kitchen back up and functioning as fast as possible.

We are skilled in repairing all types of kitchen equipment

Here at Abraxas, we specialise in the repair of all types of catering equipment. We have been supporting commercial catering kitchens for decades, helping to repair all their vital equipment including, but not limited to:

Refrigeration Units

We understand how vitally important refrigeration is within your range of commercial kitchen equipment and know just how devastating, and expensive, the loss of stock can be if these essential pieces of equipment are not repaired expeditiously. We carry common replacement parts to endeavour to fix your broken refrigeration appliances on our first visit.


If your glass or dishwasher breaks down, it will mean that staff will have to spend a much greater amount of time than they should cleaning dishes, glasses and pans by hand – costing you valuable time. We also appreciate that your washers ensure that everything is cleaned to a consistent hygiene standard, so we endeavour to fix your washing appliances as quickly as possible.

Ventilation & Extraction systems

Comprised of the extraction fan, canopy and ducting, these are not only essential, but a legal requirement. The fan is located in the canopy above any cooking equipment that will create odours, steam, or fumes to extract them along the ducting to the outside and transfer clean air back into the kitchen. We are able to repair extraction systems within commercial kitchens to keep you and your staff safe.

Cooking ranges and combination ovens

Ovens and cooking ranges are the heart of your kitchen and if they require repairs, you can’t continue to provide your food service. We understand the pressures that this creates and endeavour to respond as quickly as possible. If we can’t repair them during our initial visit, we’ll source the relevant parts and complete the repair rapidly to prevent unnecessarily long downtime periods.

We can even offer emergency breakdown repairs – book today

Abraxas is conveniently located in the West Midlands, in the heart of the UK, meaning that accessing businesses that need our catering repair services throughout all of the central regions of the UK is easily and quickly achieved.

As all of our engineers are highly qualified and carry a vast array of common spare parts with them in their vans, most commercial kitchen equipment repairs are able to be carried out on the first callout – preventing the need for a revisit and minimising downtime for your business.

We are happy to respond to any call for catering equipment repairs, although we prioritise our customers with planned preventative maintenance plans.
For an emergency callout, contact us on 01562 863222.

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Abraxas can repair catering equipment for all types of commercial kitchens


School and education

Educational establishments like schools are aiming to produce a large quantity of food within a short space of time, so planning needs to factor in these issues as well as facilities to keep food warm in the service area.


Restaurants and dining

Commercial kitchens in the restaurant sector need to have the space and equipment for a larger team and ability to produce a greater difference of menu options which will impact the design of the space.


Cafes and Deli

Not needing such a large or diverse amount of equipment, these kitchens still need to be thought through for workflow space, clever storage and preparation areas.

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Hospitals and care homes

As with schools, hospitals and care homes are needing to output a large volume of food within a small window of time, so ergonomic flow and space for keeping food warm is a priority.


Pubs and bars

The type of menu that the pub or bar is intending to serve will create different requirements for the equipment and areas within the kitchen, creating parameters for the design process.

             We are able to repair a range of leading manufacturers

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Reduce the need for catering repairs with our Servicing and Maintenance Plans

We believe that prevention is better than cure and our dedicated maintenance plans help to service and maintain your catering equipment and prevent any issues before they become real problems, in addition to ensuring that everything complies with current UK health and safety regulations. We can customise a plan to suit your premises, appliance needs and budget to service your equipment. A PPM plan makes so much sense, as it can prevent the need for emergency appliance repair and worn parts can be replaced before they break, meaning that your food service can continue uninterrupted with your reputation untarnished. For more information on this subject, read our blogs on what to look out for when your catering equipment may be developing faults and why maintaining your equipment is important.

Frequently Asked Questions about commercial catering equipment repairs

What types of commercial catering equipment can you repair?

We have supplied, installed and repaired commercial catering equipment for decades, working with the best-known manufacturers and brands of equipment in the world. There is therefore little our team doesn’t know about virtually every type of commercial catering equipment appliance. With this extremely rich knowledge, we can confidently say that we can repair any type of commercial kitchen and catering equipment.

What is your expected response time for breakdowns?

The amount of time it will take to respond to a breakdown situation will depend on various things, such as how far our engineer will have to travel to reach your kitchen and the nature of the breakdown. It also depends on whether or not a specialised part is needed to complete the repair. However, we can promise to respond as quickly as we possibly can, as we fully appreciate how frustrating broken equipment can be and understand the potential loss to your reputation and income. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously.

What areas do you cover?

We are a company with proud roots in Worcestershire and our repair service is available within 30 miles radius of Worcestershire. Some of the areas we cover are Birmingham, Warwickshire, Kidderminster, Hereford etc.

Are floor drains required in commercial kitchens?

Floor drains are typically required in commercial kitchens because commercial kitchens have specific sanitation requirements and generate a significant amount of wastewater and other liquids that need to be disposed of. Floor drains prevent water, grease, and other liquids from pooling on the floor which creates safety hazards and attracts pests.

What locations can you repair commercial catering equipment in?

Abraxas’ headquarters is located in Kidderminster, in the heart of the Midlands. We can therefore reach any area within the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Staffordshire areas very speedily – ensuring the rapid response time you need in the event of a breakdown.

Do you offer maintenance plans to prevent further breakdowns?

We are happy to offer customised PPM plans to suit your commercial kitchen equipment needs and the level of food service that you offer. Adopting one of our PPM plans is the best way to safeguard against any unwanted or unexpected breakdowns that could interfere with your business.

Speak to our team of engineers today

Learn more about the Commercial Kitchen design services Abraxas offer.

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