How a Commercial Kitchen Extraction SYSTEM Works

To keep up to date with health and safety regulations, every commercial kitchen is permitted by law to have a safe extraction system. But how exactly do they work?


A commercial kitchen must follow health and safety regulations to the letter. The main pieces of equipment every commercial kitchen needs are extraction and ventilation systems. Without these in place, your commercial kitchen will not be able to function properly. These ensure the health and safety of your employees and stop your kitchen from becoming filled with toxic gasses, enabling a clean environment, and helping to remove grease particles.

By installing a commercial kitchen ventilation and , you will have to make an investment. This investment is very worthwhile as it will guarantee a safe environment, keep your staff healthy, and help with the maintenance of your other kitchen equipment.

Here at  , we are committed to helping you install the very best commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system to make sure your kitchen follows the proper laws and most importantly, keeps your employees and environment healthy and safe.


What are commercial kitchen extraction systems?

Commercial kitchen extraction systems are equipment put in place in your kitchen to remove airborne impurities, heat, and grease from the environment. These are the by-products of the cooking processes. Odours, as well as steam and smoke, are also removed. Your commercial kitchen will most likely have gas appliances releasing harmful gasses including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, but with the correct extraction system in place, these will be filtered out leaving your kitchen free of any toxins that are harmful.

If a commercial kitchen has a poor extraction system in place, then it can lead to grease build-up on surfaces which interferes with food preparation and hygiene issues which can lead to food poisoning. An ineffective kitchen ventilation system will also lead to higher running costs, while also creating a much higher fire risk. It’s safe to say then that having an efficiently working commercial kitchen extraction system in place is essential.


What makes up a commercial kitchen extraction system?

To understand how commercial kitchen extraction systems work, we must first explore what components go into constructing one. At Abraxas, we have over 20 years of experience designing and installing kitchen ventilation systems and with our expert knowledge, we can advise you on which components are needed for your bespoke system.

At Abraxas, we conform to the DW172 specification for kitchen ventilation systems, which ensures that your extraction systems are compliant with laws and regulations including the Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992, as well as The Gas Safety Regulations 1998.


So, what are the components of a commercial extraction system? They are:


1- Kitchen extraction canopies

This is one of the most vital components that make up a ventilation system. Also known as a hood, it is positioned directly above appliances that generate heat or flames and is made of a non-combustible material – stainless steel. The extraction hood is there to catch and filter elements such as smoke, grease, and fumes that are toxic. The baffle filters inside them can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, and our team will make sure the right size and design are fitted.

2- Ducting

Located inside the building, ducting is the metal tubing that connects the extraction canopies to the extractor fans and channels the extracted air to the outside taking the shortest route possible. Think of these as little tubed vents that the unwanted air and gasses travel through to reach their destination on the exterior of the premises.

3- Extractor fans

The extractor fans are situated within the ductwork. Their primary role is to suck out the gasses, odours, grease particles, and moisture build-up created by the cooking processes. The fans then move the extracted air and particles along the ducting tubes and outside the building.

All these components, which make up a kitchen ventilation system, are required by law for a proper extraction system. You may be wondering what you will need for your commercial kitchen – Abraxas can provide multiple services to help you find which equipment will best suit your kitchen.

The main purpose of a commercial kitchen extraction system

With all these components in place, designed specifically for your commercial kitchen, you should have a fully functioning commercial kitchen extraction system. This system will effectively and safely expel the gasses, fumes, vapours, grease, and moisture from your food preparation and cooking areas, then replace it with clean, cool air creating a healthy, non-toxic environment.

The air quality is improved when the system recirculates fresh air from outside. Outside air can be either heated or cooled depending on the requirements of the temperature control system.

For the atmosphere to remain under pressure, the evacuated air must be refilled. This air should be clean, and when dealing with larger systems, mechanical air is frequently the better option. Equipment used to distribute replacement air in commercial kitchens includes ceiling diffusers. The best hoods to use with diffusers are wall and island hoods. Using a plenum in the kitchen hood is another option. It is important to make sure the hoods are directly above the hot working areas when using them.


The best ways to clean and maintain commercial kitchen extraction systems

Another area of our expertise is helping you understand why it is so important to maintain and service your commercial kitchen extraction systems. Working in a commercial kitchen, you and your staff know the importance of regular cleaning to ensure good food hygiene, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Cleaning should be carried out weekly, daily, and hourly depending on what needs to be cleaned.

Kitchen ventilation systems are no different when it comes to cleaning. Components such as the extraction canopies should be cleaned daily, but thankfully filters are easy to remove and clean thanks to being made from stainless steel. Weekly or bi-weekly checks of the other components should also be carried out, checking for the build-up of grease and oil and being thoroughly cleaned when appropriate.

Here are some useful tips we recommend:

  • Daily cleaning of extraction canopies/hoods should be carried out.
  • The ventilation system should be physically inspected regularly at least once a week.
  • Filters should be changed at least every six months.
  • Wiping equipment daily will help prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance checks are carried out will mean your bespoke commercial kitchen extraction system will be long-lasting, keep your costs down, and provide a safer and healthier working environment as your system will be working as efficiently as possible.


Work with Abraxas

Abraxas provides several services to help you design, install, and maintain your commercial kitchen extraction system. With over 20 years of experience, we will ensure that you will have the best and most efficient catering equipment possible. From commercial ventilation systems, catering equipment, kitchen installation, and servery counter solutions, we have you covered.

Get in touch with one of our team now for any questions concerning your extraction and ventilation needs.

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