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Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration

Abraxas understands Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration

Keeping you produce fresh is key to good tasting food, and a large factor in helping keep your kitchen a healthy environment. It is important to keep chilled foods in a refrigerator to stop germs multiplying and prevent food poisoning.

Abraxas supply and install all types of commercial kitchen refrigeration including coldrooms, cellar coolers, fridges and freezers, refrigerated display cabinets and counters and Icemakers.

We are agents for some of the world’s foremost suppliers of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment and a registered supplier of True Refrigeration systems.

True match and balance hydrocarbon refrigeration with the latest refrigeration components to engineer environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with shorter run times, lower energy consumption and the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. True Refrigeration systems use quality components to ensure a long life of refrigeration with minimal energy consumption, helping in the reduction of their carbon footprint.

If you have any refrigeration requirements, need a coldroom or if your cellar cooler is playing up, call Abraxas today on 01562 863 222

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We also have our own engineers to repair your equipment and we do not subcontract. Abraxas are FGAS Registered company no REF1008964.

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Tips for good refrigeration


The Food Standards Agency states that to help stop bugs from growing remember:


  • Keep your fridge at 5ºC or below. Use a fridge thermometer to check your fridge temperature.
  • Thow out food that has passed its ‘use-by’ date.
  • Clean the inside and the outside of the fridge regularly.
  • Make sure all foods are either wrapped or in covered containers.
  • Stored leftovers in covered containers in your fridge need consuming within 2-3 days.
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge.
  • Do not overload your fridge. Overloading prevents circulation of cool air.
  • Leave space in the fridge for perishable foods.


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