Commercial Kitchen Wall Cladding Systems

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Wall cladding systems endure the highest standards of hygiene within today’s commercial kitchens, being cost-effective, attractive and easy to keep clean and install.  Wall cladding consists of large flat sheets of either hygienic pvc or stainless steel, and are wipeclean, foodsafe and mould and fire resistant.



Hygienic Wall Cladding

Each sheet is joined to the next by an ‘H’ shaped joining strip, while ‘J’ shaped edge pieces run along the top and bottom of the sheets.  These ‘joints’ and ‘edges’ are screwed to the wall through their wider back sections, so that every sheet is secured on all four edges.  The sheets themselves hide all the fixings that are holding them there.  Internal and external angles are fitted in and around the room to make a perfect installation.

The Benefits


Wall cladding systems are perfect to keep clean and prevent harmful bacteria, and should be compliant with hygiene regulations.  Both PVC and Stainless Steel do not allow any food etc., to be left behind and are easy to keep clean.


Fire Resistance

In any commercial kitchen with deep fat fryers, hobs etc., and even electrical catering equipment, there is always the risk of a potential fire, so making sure that surrounding areas are fire resistant is of the utmost important.  The two fire ratings are as follows:  Class 1 rating is that wall cladding allows no surface spread of flame, whilst Class 0 rating provides additional level of protection, limiting combustibility.


Appearance & Durability

With more and more commercial kitchens being visible to the customer, the ‘back drop’ of any wall area needs to be practical as this will reflect the working kitchen area.  Working within a harsh environment where spills, heat etc., are an everyday occurrence, the need to be able to keep the area clean can make or break the kitchens overall appearance.


Cost Effective

With most commercial kitchens, there is a budget in place, and any catering equipment is purchased to make sure the boxes are ticked.  Installing any wall cladding gives you versatility, durability and most of all how cost effective this can save you over time.


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