Why You Need a Catering Pod

A catering pod provides an opportunity to expand the catering facilities which you already have, but without the vast expense of a large or permanent extension.


The catering pod has rapidly become the latest ‘must have’ trendy way of serving street food or offering a mobile food service in a wide variety of situations. Essentially a slightly more permanent type of food trailer, it’s fixed in place but with the possibility of being moved without huge hassle, giving a great deal of flexibility. A catering pod provides an opportunity to expand the catering facilities which you already have, but without the vast expense of a large, permanent extension. Providing an ideal solution where extra service space is required, it can prevent overcrowding in a dining area or be used for events where other catering facilities aren’t available. It also encourages a healthier outdoor dining experience wherever it’s positioned.

This blog will explore the various reasons why adding a catering pod to your food production outfit is a smart move.


1. Extra space

A catering pod offers an extended space to your current kitchen facilities. Popular with schools and colleges during the pandemic for extending food provision whilst groups of youngsters were being ‘bubbled’, many of these establishments have discovered the added possibilities of the catering pod and have successfully continued to use them beyond the pandemic’s restrictions. If paired with fixed canopies, screens, and seating, the catering pod’s usefulness can be utilised all year round in spite of any inclement British weather, providing the opportunity to offer a wider selection of food choice to students. Another great use of the extra space provided by a catering pod is for storage, as they are surprisingly spacious for your catering equipment, and when fitted out with relevant storage units, can offer a great deal of flexibility of use.


2. Added service

A catering pod provides an extra facility to the regular provisions of a business’s food service. Either as an extension of an indoor kitchen within a main building, or as the sole source of food production when the main kitchen isn’t accessible, for example, after regular opening hours. It can provide access to refreshments for evening, weekend or social events whilst creating an additional income stream for the establishment without a large outlay or huge running costs. Perfect for an add-on provision at sport and event venues or an amusement park, leisure centre or within the grounds of a hotel or golf club – the possibilities are endless.


3. Fixed but flexible

The catering pod requires only a solid base, water and an electricity supply for all the regular fixtures of a catering kitchen, such as dishwashers, sinks and cookers, and therefore is semi-fixed in one location. However, as it’s not a permanent construction, it has the possibility to be repositioned and moved without enormous effort, should the need arise. The many multi-purpose capabilities of the pod make it an ideal investment to expand your catering facilities for almost any situation you might have. Available in a range of standard sizes, they can also be linked to additional pods to expand your options to any design.


4. Weatherproof

The catering pod is fully weatherproofed. Designed with the unpredictable British weather in mind, the materials that the pod is constructed from are sturdy and high-quality providing totally watertight roof and walls, and if installed with permanent canopies, screens and seating, can be used throughout the year regardless of rain, wind or sun. What better way to help parents waiting whilst their child is training at their football or rugby club, than by offering delicious food and warming drinks?


5. Secure

Despite the fact that the catering pod isn’t a permanent installation they are sturdily built, and the door and electrically operated service hatch are all fully securable. This ensures that your pod’s equipment and supplies are kept safe from any potential break-in and ready to use whenever you return to open up again.


6. Functional

The catering pod is an extremely versatile and functional facility, fully customisable according to your business requirements and the type of food you intend to be serving from it. Your pod will be fitted with your chosen catering equipment selected from the UK’s leading manufacturers, who we partner with, and our qualified engineers will install them as well as the ventilation systems required by law for a clean and comfortable working environment. The pod is fitted out with excellent lighting and all the electrical fittings your outfit needs. Health and hygiene are also a major factor in the practical outfitting of your catering pod. The flooring is non-slip and as the equipment is all moveable, and the walls are lined with food-safe cladding, it ensures that all surfaces can be easily reached and cleaned thoroughly.


7. Customisable

With almost endless possibilities for customising to your unique requirements, your catering pod has the capability of being very multi-purposed. Either a snack-type facility for drinks and simpler fast food menus, it can also be used to offer more complicated hot and cold foods, if that is your business plan – you just need to install the relevant equipment. Whatever you require, we are confident that we can supply and fit it.


Catering Pods from Abraxas

Get in touch today with a member of one of our expert sales team to discover how one of these innovative catering pods could totally transform your current catering provision. Installable in a matter of a few days, you could see the addition of your new catering pod to your expanding business in a far quicker time than you might have thought possible.

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