How Can Schools Benefit From A Catering Pod?

Catering pods have many uses but for schools in particular, they can greatly improve output and the efficiency of the lunch time rush.


School lunches are an important part of a student’s day, allowing them to unwind from the morning lessons, converse with their friends and refuel for an afternoon of learning.

School lunches have evolved over the last few decades, with healthier and more nutritious food being offered for kids to enjoy. However, one thing that hasn’t changed during the school lunch hour is the hectic chaos of kids queuing, with catering staff going as quickly as they can to try and get every student fed. Fortunately, there is a viable solution that can solve the problems that every school faces at lunchtime. Installing a catering pod on the school premises, will not only benefit the students but the staff and visitors as well.

In this blog, we will explore the many benefits of catering pods, and how expanding your school’s catering equipment will change everything for the better.


What is a catering pod?

A catering pod is a mobile unit designed to serve as a self-contained kitchen or food service station. Catering pods are used at outdoor events, festivals, markets, and institutions including schools.

Catering pods can come in all shapes and sizes but typically include equipment such as food preparation areas, refrigeration, cooking equipment, and storage areas.

But just how can your school benefit from installing an outdoor catering pod?


1. Speedier lunchtimes

Due to the fact that catering pods act as a solution in providing extra space for schools when the lunchroom becomes overcrowded, they can help disperse students from stuffy canteen areas, meaning serving lunch can happen at a more efficient and quicker rate.

Students don’t want the majority of their lunch break wasted queuing for food, so with the help of a catering pod students will flock to the new location to be served their food, freeing up space in the main dining room area, relieving stress for your school’s caterers.


2. Increased output

Healthy food is a must for students to enjoy at school. Food that is served in schools across the UK must meet school food standards ensuring that children have a healthy and balanced diet. Catering pods for schools offer a greater output in the variety of healthy food students can enjoy.

Thanks to the flexibility to move catering pods to different locations, you could create a rotating menu of healthy food for students of all ages to enjoy. One week could be Italian-themed cuisine, the next could be German, allowing students to experience different cultures during school hours at a much faster rate.


3. Improved flexibility in how food can be provided

Some students, unfortunately, arrive at school without having eaten some sort of breakfast for a variety of reasons. The beauty of catering pods means that breakfast can be served to students before they walk through the front door. Catering pods act as an extension to the main school facility, therefore, students and teachers can enjoy breakfast in an outdoor environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and mindset, and preparing them in a positive way for the rest of the day.


4. A cost-effective solution

Catering pods for schools are an ideal alternative to building a whole new extension for your school facility. Hiring contractors to construct a whole new extension takes many weeks, sometimes months to finish, taking a huge chunk out of your school budget, whereas the catering pods that Abraxas supplies and installs can be constructed, on your site, and ready for operation within one week.

Our catering pods are affordable solutions bespoke to your need with low running costs compared to installing a whole new kitchen facility.


5. Fully customised by you and your students

Who doesn’t love a good bit of competition? Installing a catering pod for your school is a perfect way to get students involved in designing the look of your catering pod with their designs and art. Before deciding on the final design and what the catering pod will look like, you could announce a competition for students to take part in on what logo, drawing or design will be featured on the outside of the catering pod for your school.



Revolutionise your school’s cafeteria experience with Abraxas catering pods

With over 25 years of experience in the catering equipment industry, Abraxas is proud to supply catering pods for your school designed for whatever requirements you have – you can view our previous work here! We are experts in helping you design, install, and maintain catering pods throughout the UK, and fully certified, ensuring your catering pod is safe for use. All of our engineers hold enhanced DBS certification to enable them to safely work on school premises.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of installing a catering pod for your school, get in touch now by calling us on 01562 863 222 or email us at [email protected].






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