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Maidaid Catering: High Quality Catering Equipment for your Kitchen

Maidaid Halcyon are suppliers of very high quality catering equipment. Their products vary from glasswashers, potwashers, bottle coolers, coffee machines, dishwashers and icemakers. Maidaid also supply a range of ancillary products such as water softeners, water treatment technology and specialist detergents.

Why Choose Maidaid Catering?

Maidaid have over 40 years experience servicing the professional catering industry. Their machines have a long standing reputation for durability and reliability. Maidaid’s machinery are constructed from the very highest quality materials and incorporate the very latest innovations in micro-processing.

Maidaid Catering:  Dishwasher Range

What you can expect from the Maidaid Range:

• 2 year warranty
• NEW C515 WSD with internal automatic water softener and drain pump as standard
• C511 & C515 WSD with type AA breaktank
• C505 WS with internal regeneration water softener
• Bright LED display with soft touch controls
• Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing as standard
• C501 & C505 WS Supplied with two open cup/glass racks
• C511 & C515 WSD supplied with one pegged and one open rack
• Three selectable cycle options
• 500mm rack machines
• Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements
• Selectable energy saving mode
• Selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures
• Automatic self-cleaning at end of service
• Surface scrap tray filters on 500mm rack models
• Operational self-diagnostics
• Twin traffic light display indicate machine status

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