Abraxas are a Lincat Select Partner!

Abraxas are proud to be a select partner and supplier of Lincat, who are an industrial catering and food service equipment company.

Lincat has built a product range and a distributor network that is better than anywhere in the UK. They have also built an excellent reputation for reliability and quality in all areas of customer service and support. It’s what makes them one of Europe’s leading names in catering equipment. This means that you can invest with total confidence in Lincat.

Lincat Opus Combi Steamers

Lincat’s Combi Steamers uses the latest innovations in combi steaming technology to deliver the best performance and easy use. This fits in perfectly with their philosophy; providing solutions that deliver business benefits that you can measure for example increased efficiency, profit and versatility.

Lincat Combi Steamer Features:

The Opus CombiMaster Plus brings a level of sophistication to the conventional combi steamer by providing:

• humidity control                 • five airspeeds
• programming function      • USB port

If you choose Lincat’s CombiMaster Plus steamer, you will benefit from an exceptional build quality and, wide range of advanced features such as:

• Lengthwise loading which allows 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 GN containers to be used
• 300°C maximum cooking cabinet temperature
• High reserve power for optimum performance
• Centrifugal grease extraction system which eliminates the need for costly separate grease filters
• Dynamic air mixing to ensure even cooking
• Steam generator to deliver a constant flowof fresh, hygienic steam for perfect results
• USB port to output HACCP data and upload programs and software

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