Site Location & Department: Redditch

Date of Project: March 2019

Project Leader: Mike Nixon

Project Summary: Kitchen upgrade with new equipment – leasing and service contract

Services Used

Intial Brief…

Stonebridge Nursing Home is a first class residential care home.  In order to continually develop and provide high quality catering 7 days a week to the residents, they needed to upgrade equipment within the kitchen.

The Abraxas Solution

What recommendations/solutions did we make?

We liaised with their chef to discuss menus, energy efficiency, and ways to improve nutritional content of their meals, along with improved storage of fresh produce.

Project Implementation

Following the completion of a site survey and meeting with builders, positioning of new equipment was agreed, and a specification for approval drawn up, which was then confirmed and ordered by the client.

The Project Installation

What did we install?

• Lincat J5 Fryer

• Lincat P8P3 Hot Cupboard

• Lincat SLR9N Cooker

• Rational CMP Combi and Refrigerator Counters

• Foster Coldrooms

• Walk in Chiller

• Walk in Freezer (Externally located with weatherproof roof)

How long did the process take?

Design and approvals by client was a total period of 4 months, with on site installation and commissioning taking 4 days.

What issues did we face?

None – the project went smoothly with all trades working well together.

How many staff on the job?

1 project manager, 2 Abraxas engineers

The Benefits to the Company

How has Abraxas made an impact to the company?

Rationalised the kitchen with more energy efficient and user-friendly kitchen equipment and storage. By reducing the kitchen footprint, the catering team have a more efficient space to operate within.


Need a hand?

Each and every Abraxas commercial kitchen design is bespoke and created according to the needs and requirements of the business. If you’re looking to install a new commercial kitchen and need help designing the layout, or you’re looking to improve your existing kitchen, please contact our experienced design team

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