Site Location & Department: Weybridge Surrey

Date of Project: Summer 2018

Project Leader: Mike Nixon

Project Summary: Brand new kitchen and kitchen ventilation installed in refurbished head office complex

Services Used

Facing Issues Before Abraxas…

What were the problems with the existing equipment. What challenges did the problems create?

Existing kitchen was old, out of date and energy inefficient, existing kitchen ventilation was not up to current standard, inefficient and costly to run.

The Abraxas Solution

What recommendations/solutions did we make?

As part of the refurbishment of the building the existing kitchen was stripped out by the main contractor, a new extraction system with filtration and noise attenuation, air make-up with heat recovery air tempering, fire suppression, cookline, warewashing, refrigerated storage had to be provided. In order to maintain the aesthetics of the building and to avoid wasting floor space the extraction ductwork and plant had to be taken down through the ground floor slab and positioned within the ceiling of the underground car park this gave us a fantastic challenge to design an extract system that incorporated all the necessary equipment and met strict fire regulations.

The Project Installation

What did we do?

A period of detailed survey and design initially took place to work out the kitchen layout and correct route for extraction system given the maze of services already in the ceiling voids

What did we install?

Installation was completed in 3 main stages, stage 1 was for the extraction and air make-up ductwork, air handling and canopy, once this was installed the main contractor was then able to complete the building refurbishment. Stage 2 was the installation of all equipment including the plumbing, walk in coldroom. Stage 3 was the commissioning of the complete extraction system and equipment and handover

How long did the process take?

3 Months

What issues did we face?

Initial issues centred around the complex design required to ensure the correct route for the ductwork and the meeting of strict fire regulations to ensure the safety of the building. During the installation process delivery of all the equipment required was a challenge given the amount of equipment and distance from the loading bay

How many staff on the job?

1 project manager, 3 Abraxas engineers, 3 sub-contractors and 2 delivery personnel

The Benefits to the Company

How has Abraxas made an impact to the company?

Improved working environment, more energy efficient kitchen equipment including the ventilation now utilising a heat recovery unit to warm the incoming kitchen air utilising the waste heat from the extracted air, improved work flows and food storage

Need a hand?

Each and every Abraxas commercial kitchen design is bespoke and created according to the needs and requirements of the business. If you’re looking to install a new commercial kitchen and need help designing the layout, or you’re looking to improve your existing kitchen, please contact our experienced design team

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