Site Location & Department: Barns & Yard, Hanley Hall, Malvern

Date of Project: March & June 2019

Project Leader: Mike Nixon

Project Summary: Design and Installation of an Event Kitchen, Flooring & Wall Cladding for New Owners

Services Used

The Abraxas Solution

Abraxas were tasked with designing and fitting out a multi-purpose food preparation and storage area for the Barns & Yard wedding venue.  Located within a historic threshing barn, the small area was to include refrigeration, storage & preparation facilities.

The Project Installation

What did we do?

We provided an initial survey and design proposal working closely with the owner and building contractor.  A full installation and commissioning package was then completed following appointment.

What did we install?

Foster Upright Refrigerators and Freezers

PVC Wall Cladding

Bespoke Fabrication

How long did the process take?

The building was undergoing renovation by main contractors, Abraxas therefore liased with the site PM and fitted out the area in a 2-day window.

How many staff were on the project?

1 Design/Project Manager and 2 Qualified Engineers.

The Benefits to the Company

How has Abraxas made an impact to the company?

Abraxas completed the works in the kitchen area to provide the relevant food preparation area to cater for the first of many weddings and functions at the Barns & Yard.


Need a hand?

Each and every Abraxas commercial kitchen design is bespoke and created according to the needs and requirements of the business. If you’re looking to install a new commercial kitchen and need help designing the layout, or you’re looking to improve your existing kitchen, please contact our experienced design team

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