For any restaurant, catering company or commercial food outlet, the kitchen is the heart of the operation. Running it effectively and efficiently is vital, and mismanagement can be very costly. Much of the success of your commercial kitchen can depend on the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space. Get this right, employ the right people and you’ll have business booming in no time – but what are the three key ingredients you should pay particular attention to?

Ventilation System

Key to the success of your commercial kitchen is a correctly designed ventilation system that does what it’s supposed to.

This can be achieved with the help of ventilation and extraction professionals like us. With our expertise, installing a ventilation system in your commercial kitchen can be an affordable, stress-free experience.

The health and safety aspects of commercial kitchen design should be taken very seriously so you do not put your staff and customers in any danger. A properly installed extractor fan helps to remove heat, moisture, and aerosols that are emitted during cooking, making the working environment safe and tolerable for your staff. You can’t work if you can’t see can you!

Apart from keeping your commercial kitchen free of irritants, heat and odour, a kitchen ventilation system is also important from a legal standpoint. It is now a legal requirement for a commercial kitchen to have a proper ventilation system in place, and failure to do so may result in you being shut down. If you’re working with gas equipment you’ll also require a Gas Interlock System click here for more information.

Professional Look

Old patterned tiles and crumbling, chipped paintwork falling into food just won’t cut it anymore. It’s important that your kitchen has a clean, professional look. Consider adding interior wall cladding to the kitchen. Both white PVC and silver stainless steel cladding can provide a commercial kitchen with an attractive, modern look that’s also hygienic and easy to clean. You’ll also impress the EHO who will ultimately decide what hygiene rating you will receive which in turn will be available to your customers.


Kitchen equipment should be arranged strategically to offer your staff the most efficient and productive space in which to work in. Of course not all kitchens work the same because of varying shapes and sizes but the best way to think about it when designing the kitchen is in a circular motion. See the image to the right

You want your dirty and empty plates! Coming in from the dining area, washed up in a hygienic area which is separated from your preparation area to avoid contamination, once food is prepped you’ll need a sufficient cooking area which will require all your steam ovens, cooker, grills etc.. to be situated under a fully compliant extraction canopy and finally the cooked food is placed onto a pass and taken to the customer.

We know every business has different requirements, and the design and layout should reflect these.

This is why we offer a design and planning package to allow you to get the best out of the kitchen space you have.

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