What to Look For in a Commercial Refrigeration System

Commercial refrigeration systems are essential assets that are vital in running any establishment that sells food and beverages. Here are some things to look out for.


With the ever-changing economy and industry standards, it is important to understand what is needed to effectively operate a business that uses a commercial refrigeration system.

There are many different factors that shouldn’t be practiced which can hinder your business operations with refrigeration systems and energy costs. Abraxas is here to outline the necessary details that you should consider when purchasing a new commercial refrigeration system, to benefit you in the short and long term.


Where are commercial refrigeration systems used?

Commercial refrigeration systems are required in many businesses that serve food and beverages, and store food for later use by consumers. Some of the businesses that require commercial refrigeration systems include:

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Fast food establishments


Considering the size

It is important to evaluate what storage requirements will be needed, as these very varied types of businesses will need unique amounts, sizes and types of commercial refrigeration. Ask yourself key questions such as:

  • How many products will I need to refrigerate?
  • What kinds of products will I need to refrigerate?
  • How long will I be storing produce?

Calculating the size of your equipment is one of the first factors you will need to consider before installing a refrigeration system – as this will determine varying factors including your running costs, kitchen maintenance and cleaning downtime. For instance, you won’t need the same size fridge in a convenience store as you would in a hotel or supermarket.


The different types of refrigeration systems

When looking for a commercial refrigeration system, there are several types to choose from which can often make it a confusing experience when deciding on the most effective system for your business. For example, retail businesses such as supermarkets will benefit from housing refrigerators with glass doors, that not only store food but display the products for sale. On the other hand, a commercial kitchen, such as will be found in a café, restaurant or hotel, is best suited for solid-door refrigerators and walk-in cold rooms.

The many types of refrigeration systems available will be designed in different sizes. Depending on your demands you will need to consider the arrangement of the interior of the fridge. Much like residential refrigerators, commercial systems have varied arrangements including racking, a freezer on top, and side-by-side sections, so if you are getting one or more refrigerator system, then you can consider storing different products in different systems in the most effective and efficient ways, depending on the requirements of your unique business.


The importance of being energy efficient

Refrigeration is the single largest consumer of energy in commercial kitchens. They are constantly running 24 hours a day and are frequently opened to retrieve products, making it a challenge to keep temperatures at the legal food safety requirements. The addition of cooling systems has drastically helped keep systems at low temperatures and offers potential for energy savings. Additionally, there are several other ways to increase your energy efficiency keeping your costs in the long-term down.

  • Smart positioning – Avoiding proximity to hot appliances when positioning your refrigeration system, whilst also allowing for plenty of ventilation space, will keep your system cooler, therefore, reducing the energy needed to keep it cool.
  • Regular maintenance – Proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration system, not only meets health and hygiene standards but also reduces the energy consumption of your system. It is essential to ensure that your system is always well-maintained – this can be achieved by performing temperature checks, regularly, which will eliminate the need to fork out for repairs. Regular maintenance will also ensure that cleaning happens frequently as well. If the condenser coils get covered with dust and grease then they aren’t able to expel heat which forces them to work harder, consuming more energy.
  • High energy efficiency rating – Look for refrigeration units that have a high energy efficiency rating that will help to keep your operational costs low.


Correct training and stocking

Your employees should be properly trained on how to use and stock your refrigeration units. The correct and most cost-effective practices should be followed including performing regular temperature checks, opening doors only when necessary, avoiding overstocking, and storing foods correctly to prevent cross-contamination – for instance, always store raw meats either in separate units to greenery and vegetables, or keep meats on the bottom shelves of your refrigerators to stop juices from contaminating other products.


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