Abraxas Catering designs and installs commercial kitchens, servery counters and extraction and ventilation systems to the catering and hospitality industry all over the UK. With safety in the kitchen being a top priority, a Gas Safe Certificate (CP42), is a legal requirement to make sure every appliance within the kitchen is kept safe and efficient. This covers all gas appliances, pipework, extraction systems and gas interlock systems.

With this in mind, Mike Nixon, Sales Director at Abraxas comments “Abraxas has supported Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) for the past 2 years and this year, one of the ways that we have decided to raise funds is with every gas safe inspection we carry out during 2020, we will donate £2.50 to MAAC, and considering we normally average around 10 per month, this is a great way to promote Gas Safety awareness and help the MAAC charity at the same time”.

National Gas Safety Week runs during September, which raises the public’s awareness of the dangers of unsafe gas work, but with Abraxas Catering it is Gas Safe Year! Having your gas appliances checked annually makes sure that all risks have been checked, minimising any gas leaks or fires from occurring in the future. Mike added, “Not many people realise that MAAC is a charity that solely relies on the generosity of businesses and the public for donations, to make sure that they continue saving lives in the Midlands”.

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