Site Location & Department: Staffordshire Showground

Date of Project: Feb May 2018

Project Leader: Mike Nixon

Project Summary: New café and servery counters to Staffordshire Showground Balcony Café



Services Used

Facing Issues Before Abraxas…

What were the problems with the existing equipment. What challenges did the problems create?

Existing café facility was outdated and the counter layout created bottlenecks and slow service

How did you hear about Abraxas?

Previous projects together

The Abraxas Solution

What did Abraxas suggest?

Replacement of existing counter layout and the creation of a separate coffee shop within the same seating area to help reduce congestion and provide customers with a choice of dining experiences

What recommendations/solutions did we make?

Shop fit countering with feature Corian tops and laminate facades to inject colour in to the dining space, feature tiling and lighting to uplift the dining space, feature tiling and lighting to uplift the dining space

What was the process?

Time frame Initial client meeting Feb 2017, Install and handover May 2018 Plans, mood boards and visuals were produced to bring the project to life and help the client visualise the proposed finishes.

The Project Installation

What did we do?

Created a new café area separate to existing main meal servery counters with refrigerated multideck display, new shop fit counters with Corian top, glazed cake display unit, metro tiled feature wall, timber display shelving and feature lighting. In addition we also installed 2 new rear feature counters to the existing main meal servery area

How long did the process take?

From conception 14 months with various design modifications based on client feedback /on site 5 days.

How many staff on the job?

2 install engineers, 4 shopfit contractors and 1 project manager

The Benefits to the Company

How has Abraxas made an impact to the company?

Improved the appearance of the dining facility increasing footfall, improved speed of service and quality of café offer

What can you do now that they couldn’t before?

Offer an alternative premium coffee and cake offer for customers/providing a choice of destinations

Need a hand?

Each and every Abraxas commercial kitchen design is bespoke and created according to the needs and requirements of the business. If you’re looking to install a new commercial kitchen and need help designing the layout, or you’re looking to improve your existing kitchen, please contact our experienced design team

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