Commercial Kitchen Design. A well designed kitchen, is an efficient kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Design

Abraxas understand Commercial Kitchen Design.

Your kitchen needs to be designed to work with a natural flow, in harmony with the process of safety and efficiency producing high quality food. For example, it is bad practice to have soiled returning plates crossing the cooking area to get to the dishwashing area; just as it would be wrong to have a servery area at the back of a kitchen. These may seem obvious mistakes to make, but without a properly designed and thought out design, the simplest of mistakes are all too easily made.

A Commercial Kitchen must be designed to enable you produce quality food that exceeds your customers’ expectations, whilst operating as efficiently and productively as possible to maximise your margins. A well designed and organised workspace, with defined areas for preparation, cooking and washing, will improve the quality and safety of your Kitchen facilities.

The Catering Equipment Design process for your Commercial Kitchen from Abraxas will take in to account all the relevant aspects of your individual business, including the type of food you will be serving, the number of covers you will need to fulfill – and of course the need to be efficient and competitive too.

There are a number of aspects that have to be taken into account during the process of designing your Commercial Kitchen which makes every Abraxas design unique. If you are looking for a new commercial kitchen, or an improvement to your existing kitchen, contact Abraxas today!

Once we have designed your new kitchen, we can also install it.

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